Top-Rated 25 Best Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls For Any Lovely Girls

The age of 8 is too old for a color book yet too young for fashionable clothes. So, how to choose the best gifts for 8-year-old girls?

Reading our child’s mind is never an easy task. However, if you’re patient enough, you can know your kid’s hobbies. As a result, choosing a gift for them turns out to be much simpler.

This article recommends 25 presents for your daughter. Your little girl deserves the world. A gift can’t say everything, but it can reflect how much you care about her.

Let’s read on for detailed gifts!

Best Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls

Every option in this list may be ideal for your little daughter. Remember to consider her hobbies to ensure the right decision.

1. DIY Journal Set

Girls at the age of eight like to share unique images, messages, quotations, views, and ideas. Scrapbook pages, frames, and other ornamental elements can be parts of them.

With the elements included in this DIY kit, your daughter may design her own colorful and distinctive pages. Uniquely and enjoyably, the notebook captures your daughter’s memories.

2. Magnet Arts Crafts Kit

Little girls like to play with lovely things. This magnet set can get your daughter’s attention for sure.

She’ll want to craft magnets to put on the refrigerators at home, in her lockers at school, on magnetic picture boards, or anywhere else the magnet can stick.

This gift is also an excellent option for a group party. Your kid may create and share their designs with their peers.

3. Unicorn Arts And Crafts Paint

Most little girls love Art. Parents, therefore, use art tools to foster their daughters’ creativity.

This toy includes paint, brushes, and eye stickers. All your daughter has to do is decorate the pictures in her way.

The kit also gives some sparkle to turn these samples into masterpieces.

4. National Geographic Kit

Aside from Art, parents can let kids learn about Science at the age of 8. These treasure-filled pebbles are a hit with your youngsters! With this engaging, hands-on science kit, your kid will develop a respect for geology and nature.

The display stands included in the kid are ideal for exhibiting the crystals your daughter uncovers. She can use the stands for establishing a rock collection as well.

5. Glitter Tattoos Kit

Girls will have fun trying out all of the different glitter hues. As a result, the tattoo set is growing in popularity among little girls.

The package comes with a total of 24 stencils. Your 8-year-old daughter can play with designs and colors for hours.

The glitter won’t rub off on bedding or clothes—moreover, the tattoos only last 3 to 4 days. You can remove them with water and soap.

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6. 3D Coloring Puzzle

This 3D puzzle is another option related to Art. However, it enhances skills aside from creativity.

There are four designs in the package, as well as ten coloring pens. 8-year-old girls can improve their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, patience, and problem-solving skills. With the stunning design, they must be addicted to this game set.

7. Dancing Interactive Unicorn

If boys are crazy about dinosaurs, girls show their love for unicorns. Toy manufacturers produce unicorn models every year in large numbers to serve the girl segment.

The exciting feature about this unicorn is interactivity. Its body and horn glow with amusingly delightful hues, delighting your sight with incredible joy.

8. National Geographic Chemistry Set

Chemistry is an exciting subject to teach your 8-year-old girl.

The chemistry kit includes more than fifteen experiments. There’s also a supplementary book with 30 extra activities to do using everyday objects. While playing, your children will feel like genuine scientists.

Experiments such as color-changing or bubbling are possible with this set. Giving your kid a toy is the best way to inspire her to learn.

9. Bracelet Making Kit

Your 8-year-old girl can do it alone or with her friends, allowing her to express her creativity and aesthetic and creative sense.

This bracelet-making kit for kids includes bright threads that are strong and of excellent quality. If your daughter follows the instructions, she’ll end up with a pretty lovely bracelet. The instructions show how to construct seven distinct designs. Your child, on the other hand, can be creative and come up with her concept.

10. Jewelry Making Kit

Women love jewelry for sure, no matter how old they are. Even 8-year-old girls like to make and wear it.

With this DIY necklace creating kit, girls can learn to make jewelry and develop their distinctive pendants. The craft set includes four different shapes: circle, heart, square, and oval, allowing your daughter to personalize each necklace.

11. Scoot Hand Operated Drone

Kids are curious about space. If your 8-year-old daughter also loves discovering, the Scoot Hand Operated Drone will be a great gift for her birthday party.

Your child can use her hand to fly this UFO. It changes paths depending on her hand’s movement. Thanks to the compact size and portable design, your kid can bring this toy everywhere and have a fun time.

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12. Belly Dance Costume

If your kid is attending a belly dance class, this gift is the best choice for her birthday party. It fits both her practice and performance time. You can choose her favorite color from the variants provided.

Even if your 8-year-old kid doesn’t learn dancing, you can always give it to her as a costume for Halloween. The beautiful outfit may encourage her to start her dancing dream.

13. Experiments & Reactions Science Lab Kit

If you want to combine playing and studying, this kit is a wise decision. STEM kits engage your girls with science projects.

Your kid will have a chance to conduct 52 experiments. With the assistance of the kit, they may explore the joy of technology, math, science, and technology.

Your children will also learn about fundamental electricity and chemistry with the assistance of a 36-page activity and lab manual.

So many things are accessible in the kit. Don’t miss it for your little girl’s birthday!

14. Dessert House Building Kit

This lovely dessert home comes with a little bear, ice cream, doll, and other fascinating features to excite your daughter’s imagination. It encourages her to engage in imaginative play at home.

Construction is a full-body exercise that aids in the development of fine motor, linguistic, and problem-solving abilities in kids. She will be into lovely desserts without realizing that she’s studying.

15. Sewing Craft Kit

Kids will put down their video games and discover the timeless skill of hand sewing and imaginative play with this beautiful sewing kit.

While creating a customized project, this kit also allows kids to develop their imagination, gain practical skills, and establish confidence.

All of the arts crafts are appropriate for beginner crafters and sewers. Your kids can complete them at ease.

16. DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

8-year-old girls don’t mind wearing tons of bracelets on their wrists as long as they’re beautiful.

With the DIY Charm Bracelet Kit, your girl may make her jewelry unique by designing it.

Surprisingly, Juicy’s flamboyant appearances might mirror her unique personality and style. Your kid is willing to devote hours to the kit to make her jewelry.

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17. Science Magic Kit

If your little girl doesn’t find hands-on experiments interesting, you can add some fascinating ideas, such as magic. And, here comes the Science Magic Kit.

Your 8-year-old can experiment with a magic trick. She can even dress up with white gloves and a magic wand. Magic has never been so entertaining and educative for children like this.

18. Robot STEM Projects

This project kit is the only option in this list that emphasizes environmental issues.

Children first encounter with space. Children’s problem-solving abilities increase as a result of the building project.

The energy-saving power supply option encourages your kids to think about energy and deepens their understanding of conserving energy and environmental conservation.

19. Remote Control Car

Don’t think that only boys love cars. If your 8-year-old daughter is a fan of cars, trucks, or boats, give her one.

Remote control cars make her playing time more fun because she has to handle the car’s direction. It would be perfect to create some obstacles for the car to pass.

20. American Girl Crafting Kit

If crafting is your daughter’s hobby, she will never have enough tools. Hence, choosing a crafting gift as a gift for her is always a good idea.

American Girl Crafting kit is ideal for any girl who enjoys designing and making fashion accessories. With this ultimate crafts set, she may make beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and rings for her doll and even herself.

21. Wooden Doll House Playset

8-year-old girls want to be a princess, and a princess should live in a palace. The materials in the playset are of high quality. You can adjust the shapes of the furniture and other wooden components to fit properly.

Your little daughters will feel free to add any further or stuff she likes to make the house more beautiful.

22. Design Dolls

Every little girl loves dolls for sure. The doll with thick blond hair and 3D eyes even wins more hearts.

One of the reasons why girls often have a strong liking for dolls is the clothes. Making dresses for a real human body may be challenging, but things change regarding dolls.

8-year-old girls can design and make outfits for their toys. Your gift can encourage her creativity and craft skills more.

23. Bead Bracelet Making Kit

This present is another bracelet-making kit for little girls. The difference is that your girl will find this kit much easier to use.

This big bead collection has over 1500 letters and single color beads. All your daughter has to do is select the letter or color she likes and put them together.

With the large number of beads included in the set, she can make at least 30 bracelets.

24. Remote Control Motorcycle Stunt

Strong girls love motorcycles. This passion is not only for boys. If your 8-year-old daughter has the same hobby, choose a remote control motorcycle stunt as her gift.

Because of the wider tires, the RC motorcycle has excellent balance, making it simple for anybody to operate. The rubber tires provide traction and shock absorption, preventing the car from rolling over.

This toy is super safe and durable. Your daughter can play with it all day for a long time.

25. Dinosaur Toys Shooting Games

It doesn’t matter if  8-year-old girls love shooting games and dinosaurs. Some exciting activities are also necessary to build her interpersonal skills.

This game set includes foam balls, an LCD scoreboard, and an air pistol. It is appropriate for game competitions among children. Moreover, the game also encourages your kid to practice hand-eye coordination.

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