25 Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls – Have Fun With Creative Toys

The best gifts for 5 year old girls are what they hope to receive on their special day. For most 5-year-old girls, toys are still the most coveted gifts.

Interactive games can help develop communication skills and make decisions in different situations. Therefore, girls aged 5-6 become more curious. They have new interests, due to which the list of possible gifts increases significantly.

Here we have selections for parents and those who have no idea what little girls like. Besides, to not suffer from the choice of a gift, we have compiled several lists of ideas on what to give kids.

Let’s read on to know more details!

25 Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls in 2021

The choice of a gift depends on the personality of the little girl. Does she like playing with dolls or with balls? Does she prefer outdoor activities to sitting in the house?

After determining the child’s wishes, many ideas will come to your mind. Don’t forget, 5-year-old girls still believe in the fairy world and love colorful items.

1. Colorful LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

Your girl may be excited when you get an LCD Writing Tablet. Of course, it is better to take an inexpensive model. According to statistics, 99% of children break their electronic gifts.

We believe that it is too early to give such gifts, so there are other items on our list. The peculiarity of the tablet is that what you have drawn is easy to erase – and immediately create a new masterpiece.

Such a gift will help save paper on hundreds of drawings and take care of the environment. Plus, the tablet is suitable for teaching your girl numbers and letters.

2. Kids Digital Photo Frame

Kids’ digital photo frames promise to be a novelty gift for any girl. It can display sharp images with music and videos and act as an alarm clock every morning.

The pink rubber rim makes your kid unable to stop getting excited. The screen has the ideal size and resolution to display images without harming children’s eyes.

On your girl’s 5th birthday, show her pictures that mark her emotional moments. For example, the day she was born, her 1st anniversary, the first step, or the day she said her first words in life.

Your 5-year-old girl will want to keep these images as treasures. With this gift, memory is forever.

3. SUNLINE Dance Mat

It would help if you took care of your child’s health from childhood. The physical abilities of the baby are no less important than the mental ones.

A growing body needs regular activity and physical games. They help the child to have fun with health benefits, namely to throw out the accumulated energy and have a good time.

Children 5-6 years old will be interested in active games, for example, dancing and singing with friends. Your girl may like a dance mat or karaoke machine. Musical toys help develop a child’s creative talent, hearing, and sense of tact.

4. Unicorn Gifts for Girls

A unicorn craft kit brings girls joy and excitement with the beautiful little unicorns around the fairy cherry blossom tree. Twinkling LEDs will fill your child’s bedroom with magic light.

A gift that sparks imagination and satisfies curiosity by allowing your child to install it himself. You can be assured and let the girl do what she likes because these components are safe for children.

5. Songs Karaoke Microphone

Lets kids immerse in new music melodious melodies emanating from the lovely pink microphone. You will be surprised to discover your daughter’s singing talent.

She can sing any song with just one connection with a smartphone. The gift also brings endless fun because it can transmit the sound of chipmunks.

The microphone with music is fantastic. With just one purchase, you’ll make your little girl smile every day.

6. Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic building blocks and similar constructors serve not only for entertainment but also for developing spatial thinking, imagination, and motive skills.

In addition to the usual ones, there are also electronic ones, from which the girl will create different models with sound or light effects. It is important to choose it exactly by age unless the child is a professional in assembling the designer.

7. Barbie Chicken Farmer Doll

If a girl has long wanted a new doll or collects the best toys of certain brands, it is in your power to fulfill her desire or replenish the collection.

When there are enough dolls, feel free to give them a house. Surely the child will like having a full-fledged home with furniture and other accessories, just like adults.

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8. Toddler Scooter for Kids

The 5-year-old children always love challenges. And the pink scooter will evoke emotions in any girl.

It is better to choose light models, because many children find it difficult to cope with heavy vehicles. You can take a scooter with glowing wheels. Although it is more expensive, it guarantees a kid’s delight.

Take a closer look at models with a height-adjustable steering wheel. This consideration will help you use the scooter for a longer time, despite the rapid growth of children at this age.

9. Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

It will be great to give your girl a piece of fancy jewelry set with her favorite characters or sparkling stones. Disney Princess Necklace is a stunning idea.

The girl herself will mix and match the pendants, shape, and color of the beads to her taste. And no one will have a second such necklace.

10. Kids Karaoke Machine

The gift is gorgeous, evokes a storm of emotions. If your girl is interested in music from an early age, you cannot ignore this kid’s karaoke machine.

It will also help to understand whether the child has the makings for a music class and start learning on time.

11. Kidizoom Smartwatch

5-year-old girls are curious about everything, and strange objects easily provoke them. It is the right time to give your child a smartwatch.

The touch feature gives the child access to more than ten physical and mental games. It helps your child immerse in a fun world with her friends all day without getting bored.

This watch will pull your child away from the TV and tablet screens into the outdoor playground. It is one of the effective ways to reduce the risk of myopia.

12. Bright Fairy Friends Doll

An ordinary doll is indispensable here. Your girl can feed and take care of her baby dolls.

You can buy a set – a doll and many dresses, and it will make the girl happy. A life-size puppet is also a great toy.

If your daughter loves styling other people’s hair, this doll will be the perfect gift for her. It will help further develop a child’s hobby, which may develop into something more serious in the future.

13. 3D Interactive Learning System

It is necessary to present the girls of preschool age with various intellectual games for their birthday. Such gifts will be not only useful for development but also interesting for the child.

This gift is inexpensive but very interesting. Children play it with pleasure, learning new and unknown things.

The 3D interactive learning system helps your kid reinforce new knowledge with colorful illustrations. In addition, reading a book with 3D architecture will leave more details in the girl’s memory.

Thanks to the texture of the pages, the arrangement of text and pictures, the brain will create more associations. And the girl will remember much better what she read.

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14. Play Set with Pool

Today, shops sell a huge variety of dolls: Barbie, mermaids, fairies, unusual monsters, and so on. There are also male dolls, which are also necessary for children’s games.

For example, the well-known Ben is a companion of the legendary Barbie. Among the heroines of various cartoons, there is probably your daughter’s favorite.

15. Alphabet Beads Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads

We always appreciate educational games, because this is the preschool period. Therefore, your girl will need to get used to the letters and numbers.

She also needs to develop independence, hard work, and attentiveness. While writing and reading skills are not required for first graders, you must prepare these skills for your kids.

And since some children are not always positive about learning, it is necessary to conduct preparatory classes in games. Alphabet Beads are very useful gifts; the child develops writing skills and memorizes letters better.

16. Two-Story Playhouse and Teddy Bear

Your girl will love this adorable toy. It is a dollhouse already sold complete with furniture, Barbie girls, and bears.

Vehicles, clothes, and other accessories are also necessary for playing and helping to create real-life dolls. Most girls love teddy bears, cats, and bunnies.

17. Comic Book Making Kit

A comic book is one of the best gifts. Yes, but it has to be super interesting and colorful to keep the baby interested.

The book is a creative gift that stimulates the imagination, introducing object shapes and color combinations. What’s more, it’s fun when your child can unleash her creativity with colors when drawing her favorite characters.

With such a book, a child can easily create a picture from colors. As a bonus, it will develop perseverance and fine motor skills.

The process of coloring itself contributes to perseverance, the concentration of attention, and accuracy. Then it teaches the girl to finish what she started and problem solving.

18. Original Talking Microscope

For a 5-year-old girl, the natural world consists of mysteries. They always have thousands of questions: what are these streaks on a leaf?

Let your curious girl begin to learn a little about the world around her, studying the smallest details of objects under a microscope.

A girl who likes to know and explore the world may want such a kit. She can find out how the starry sky works or how to grow colorful crystals with the help of a microscope.

19. Makeup Kit for Girl

There are quite a lot of cosmetics for young fashionistas. We will have hygienic lipstick, nail polish, and makeup powder; all are safe for children.

When buying any of the above, pay attention to the expiration date, age marking, and composition. It should include natural ingredients.

20. Disney Princess Matching Game

A gift that makes for a fun game that helps you connect with your kid even more. The adorable images of Disney characters keep your kids hooked and will want to play again and again.

It is one of the best toys for pumping imaginative and abstract logical thinking, creativity, and attention. Working with this game, the girl will learn to think logically, make decisions, and develop fine motor skills.

This collection comes with clear instructions to help your child get into the game in just 5 minutes. Learning becomes effective only when associated with games that match the interests of the children.

21. Water Doodle Mat

Children of this age want a place where they can draw and play. Not everyone has this opportunity. But you can organize a small space by using a water doodle mat for painting and writing.

This toy stimulates the alphabet and captures your child’s attention with fun and colorful images. It has an ideal area for a child to draw whatever he wants without worrying about soiling the floor.

It helps your kids unleash their creativity and practice painting skills with non-toxic materials. There is nothing more appropriate to give to a dynamic girl.

22. Fashionably Stylish Handbag

You will have the opportunity to laugh when you see your girl wearing a handbag similar to her mother’s. The girls take pride in playing with their mothers.

Now, she can go shopping on her own with money and credit cards in her pocket. She might also brag to you about her new car keys.

Imagine what a 5-year-old girl would look like after putting on makeup. Yes, a makeup kit that comes in the bag will help her with that.

Even though the items in the bag were fake, no one could stop the girl from smiling all day. Children this age always amaze us with their incredible imaginations.

23. Bow and Arrow Toy Set for Girls

You can help your child fulfill her dream of becoming a skilled hunter with this Bow and Arrow Toy Set. This toy requires a little skill and patience.

Archery teaches your child left and right-hand coordination skills. The daily practice helps the girl exercise her eyes and improve her ability to concentrate.

After a few hours of exercise, your child will need more energy. As a result, your baby will eat more and absorb nutrients better.

24. Fairy Lantern Craft Kit

If your daughter is fond of some creativity or craftwork, she may be pleased with a new set or accessory for a hobby. You can choose a fairy lantern craft kit for an artisan who loves to craft with her own hands.

It is a great gift for all ages. The gift gives the holiday brightness and the child a festive mood.

25. Princess Chef Gift Set

If your girl loves to cook, she will want to get bright kitchen items. This collection comes with a pink apron, chef’s hat, and a fun cookbook.

The gift gives the girl a satisfied smile when she can make a cake for her grandmother or a smoothie for her mother. She can find simple recipes that every 5-year-old kid can understand and follow.

So, she has had a game to play with her family every weekend.

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