25 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls – Top Gift Ideas For Your Kid

Because most six-year-old children are first grade, they may have fun with the favorite items they play with. Based on lots of real-world analysis and surveys, we’ve put together the 25 best gifts and toys for 6-year-old girls.

So whether your little child enjoys playing with board games, dolls, or exploring with slime toys, there is a joyful and instructive choice for her here.

Let’s read on to discover!

Top 25 Best Gifts And Toys For 6-Year-Old Girls

The most fantastic toys for six-year-old children capture their feelings. Here are the highly recommended gifts for six-year-old kids.

1. LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

The LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe is a dynamic world globe that blends tactile, aural, and graphical stimulation.

It helps children discover the world while learning intriguing information about each region’s people, animals, and places.

Children over six years olds may use the stylus to tap anywhere on it to discover facts from one of 11 different learning areas.

2. Kindi Kids Full Time Friends Mystabella Doll

These lovely little dolls are full of power and adore going to Rainbow Kinder, where they can play together and make friends. Mystabella is a beautiful young lady who enjoys dressing up as a Rainbow Princess.

She enjoys being artistic, sporting a lovely unicorn horn headpiece and a bright outfit. Mystabella features a cute head that wiggles with every motion, huge sparkly eyes, and gorgeous hair.

This toy includes interchangeable outfits and shoes. Let’s get into a realm of exploration and creativity where everything comes to life. Your child is super excited to spend the day with this toy.

3. Creativity for Kids Butterfly Necklaces Kit

This kit includes everything youngsters will need to make six lovely butterfly necklaces to cherish and share.

Your child will arrange the butterfly forms, then adorn them with the charms, glittering embellishments, and rhinestones that come included.

Then, she will thread the embellished charms onto the strand ribbon strings to finish the necklaces. The children will love this great little gift so much.

4. ThinkFun Rush Hour Jr Traffic Jam Logic Game and STEM Toy

Rush Hour Jr. is a traffic game with 40 levels of difficulty ranging from 6-year-old children to adults. It is one of the most fantastic presents you can give to children that love clever game series and a task.

Rush Hour Jr. contains high-quality parts and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet; your child will be ready to play within moments of receiving it.

Through fun gaming, players will develop their logical thinking, imaginations, spatial awareness, and planning abilities as they go through the more challenging obstacles.

5. LEGO Friends City Park

Children 6 years old love building Friends LEGO Packs since it is an activity they can play with one buddy, with many friends together around a table, or by themselves.

The famous LEGO brand gives “budding builders” a wide selection of fascinating toys to play with the best materials and operating to the standard.

The females depicted in the Friends LEGO concept are confident, strong, and compassionate, making them excellent role models for creative play.

This 222-piece kit may give hours of age-appropriate construction and role-playing fun.

6. Girls Pretend Play Hair Styling Set

Webby Beauty is one of the best beautiful magnificence sets for your little girl. It’s a beautiful combination of all the small extras.

The Webby Beauty includes a brush, reflector, lipstick, hairdryer, shadow tones, and other adornments.

Your little kid will love playing with this kit, which is composed of high-quality materials.

7. Table Tennis Trainer

This toy is very easy to use. The little ping pong coach’s flexible, resilient shaft will put your child’s ability, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination to the test.

Your little girl can play independently, with a partner, or play with a group of people. This game is attractive because it stimulates your child’s coordination ability. It is suitable for many children, especially 6-year-olds.

Table Tennis Trainer is this game that will help your little girl always want to open the ping pong tour whenever.

8. Micro Kickboard – Maxi Original 3-Wheeled Scooter

You will be wowed by the Micro Maxi’s distinctive and smooth surfing action, which toys it apart from other kick scooters.

Both the kids and parents immediately became great admirers of the soft foot surface, promoting stability and comfort while reducing injuries.

9. Fashion Plates Classic Styles

Fashion Plates Classic Kit allows you to create exciting and colorful outfits. This lovely toy contains a selection of plates with colorful modern designs and modern patterns.

Choose your plates, insert paper, and wipe it with a crayon before flipping the leaves to make a pattern while coloring. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of excitement!

10.  Creative Construction Engineering Building Toy Set

This STEM learning kit helps youngsters establish a strong foundation in Engineering, Technology, Science, and Mathematics. It also includes an idea book to assist you with your construction.

This kit will challenge youngsters to be inventive and add their ideas to the test, and it is ideal for anybody looking for something fun and instructive.

11. SUNLIN Dance Mat

Get your kids to exercise in the most fun way possible! This matt promotes teamwork and physical exercise. It’s a massive hit with kids and toddlers.

If you’re searching for a unique birthday or Christmas gift, don’t overlook our Dance Play Mat. Prepare to hear a round of applause when you show this to the kids! Every day, a never-out-of-date toy brings joy.

12. Perglad Splash Pad

This sprinkler allows kids to run freely, giggle, and engage in other activities. Its vast capacity is ideal for keeping your kids occupied.

The materials utilized to create these items are also necessary for determining their sturdiness and safety for children from 6 years old. It is the perfect outdoor water play sprinkler for the kids throughout a lovely summer.

13. GJZZ LCD Doodle Board

This writing board helps youngsters develop their creativity by allowing them to sketch and scribble freely.

To keep the child’s creative juices flowing and minimize boredom, use on the move in the car. Every doodle board comes with two pens as a backup.

14. 4 Pack Scratch Arts Notebook

In this fun option, you may move from page to page to explore and alter your creations, structured like a coloring book. Two spiral-bound pads appear in the set, each with its wooden stylus.

The matte black surface is similarly simple to scratch off; however, the thick paper backing prevents peeling.

15. Selieve 2 Way Radio Toy with Backlit LCD Flashlight

These simple-to-use, kid-sized walkie-talkies encourage kids from five-year-olds to communicate with one another while simultaneously allowing parents to monitor their whereabouts.

These best toys are ergonomically built to fit snugly into tiny fingers and have a distance of 1 kilometer. Ergonomic design ensures that these walkie-talkies fit nicely in children’s hands.

16. Hasbro Gaming Guess Who?

Each player selects a mystery person and then uses yes or no questions to figure out who the mysterious character is for the other person. Players make guesses when they believe they know who their opponent’s secret character is.

If the answer is incorrect, the game will eliminate the player.  In the Championship Series, users can challenge others to a fun set. The winner is the first person to win a five-game series.

17. L P Kids Karaoke Machine

The vibrant, kid-friendly appearance of this Little karaoke equipment makes it a super cool alternative for many toys.

The blinking disco light adds to the enjoyment, and they’re also foot pedals that play applause and other entertaining recordings.

Everything folds up into a convenient carry bag for when your young superstar wishes to take the show on the holidays.

18. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

The Crayola Light-up tracing pad is an excellent product and a great gift for kids over six years olds who love designing and drawing.

Many individuals in the crafts and arts industry use and suggest this device as an affordable but effective substitute for lightboxes meant for more experienced artists.

19. Movable Dinosaur Shooting Toys

This toy is a unique dinosaur shooting game. The Electric Target Shooter is an exciting and interactive game that the whole family can enjoy.

One dinosaur firing target with LCD Score Screen, 24pcs soft foam bullets, and two air compressor guns, making it ideal for adults and kids to have fun together.

20. Little Growers Unicorn Terrarium Kit

Little Unicorn Garden is a biosphere set for kids from 6-year-olds that allows them to design their terrarium. Your youngster decides how their beautiful Unicorn garden will appear and experience it from start to finish.

21. VATOS Girls Building Blocks Set

VATOS Educational Building Sets may develop six-year-old children’s hand-eye coordination and manipulation skills during the construction process while also training their problem-solving, imaginations, and logical thinking abilities.

Let’s build an ice cream truck, open an ice cream business, and make a better life for ourselves.

This toy is the most acceptable gift for kids and a cool art gift for a girl’s room.

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22. Disney Kids Watch

Since the program is based on the popular Disney Kids’ movies like Avengers, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Frozen, you can get any version, telling the kids to go for a walk or informing them it’s time for supper in 20 minutes.

This watch appears for parents who constantly text and watch their kids; however, we believe it would be unpopular with youngsters who like their space and privacy.

23. FWFX Dance Mat

Six camera games appear in the distinctive UFO host design. The HDMI connection and high-definition camera enhance the realistic view and realism of camera games. Your kid can spend your leisure time at home with this game.

There are two different dancing challenge modes to choose from. MTV mode is available for adults, while card set mode is available for youngsters. Dancing is no longer dull, thanks to these two ways.

24. VERTOY Robot Building Kit

This construction set may be constructed into police robots or beautiful police vehicles to rescue the world, making it an excellent gift for six-year-old children who love robots or police figures.

This 556-piece set of children’s building best toys is a prized educational toy for kids that encourages them to think and act.

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25. 199 PCS Marble Run Magnetic Tiles

This model includes 199 big magnetic construction blocks and tiles that are vivid, colorful, and transparent and are compatible with all forms and accessories.

The parts instinctively join together to promote hand-eye coordination, motor learning skills, and infant brain development. Our magnet construction pieces may be connected to one other and have tiny holes between them.

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