27 Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boys They Are Sure to Love

No matter if it’s his birthday or any special occasion, a perfect gift will bring wonderful and unforgettable moments to your son. So, what are the best gifts for 12-year-old boys?

Boys share common hobbies in LEGO, card game, motors, and some car items that make them look cool. Keep that thought in mind and note your kid’s hobbies; you’ll find a good gift that can win his heart.

This article includes the 27 best gifts that your son may like.

Let’s read on to know more details!

The Best Gift Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys in 2021

It’s time to discover the top list deeper! Take note if you notice some great ideas.

1. Alexa Fire Tablet

The tablet is a smaller version of the computer. With this equipment, your 12-year-old son can access the whole new world and do tons of tasks.

The Firewall tablet features long-lasting and durable. The bright display with HD addition even makes the gadget more enjoyable to use.

The Alexa tablet comes with a detachable case, helping your child take notes comfortably.

2. Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

Headphones make kids look cool. If your young man is a big fan of music, nothing can beat the pair of wireless headphones for his birthday.

The active noise cancellation equipped in the headset will bring your kid the best listening experience ever.

Moreover, the headphones feature 24-hour battery life along with a fast charge. He will feel free to be deep in his favorite music without worrying about any interruption.

3. Holy Stone Indoor Helicopter

If your kids are big Star Wars fans, give him a helicopter toy. He will have a chance to make his dream come true. This companion also brings players joy during parties, hiking, school, and long journeys.

Your son can adjust the speed to suit the pilot’s skill level. The function allows it to stay at a constant height. Directions are always relevant to where the pilots are facing in ‘Headless Mode’.

4. Razor Caster Board

Conquering speed is a challenge that every boy wishes to overcome. The lightweight and small design of the Ripster is ideal for riders with a narrower posture.

Nothing compares to the sensation of riding a Ripster caster surfboard. It’s similar to slicing through snow or waves, yet on land. The secret to the frenzy is a hollow deck and unique 360-degree casters.

5. OontZ Stereo

Aside from the headphones, a stereo is also a good tool for listening to music.

The stereo can provide a powerful sound with a powerful distortion-free maximum output from such a small package.

The OontZ stereo can deal with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Your kid can also play music wirelessly via Bluetooth speaker up to 100 feet away from the device without being interrupted.

6. GoSports Slammo Game Set

This gift must be a fun outdoor game for both kids and adults. It’s a great workout which is a lot faster to build than the full-size volleyball.

Teams have three hits to spike or bounce the ball into the net, making it a fun and competitive game to play with friends and the whole family in the backyard or on the beach. The one with the most points will win. Hours of entertainment will pass quickly, and your kid will forget that it is also a workout.

7. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock

When compared to current mobile phones, a typical alarm clock may appear outdated.

This model is not only attractive on your bedside, but it is also functional, helping you fall asleep and wake up every morning. It may ultimately result in improved sleep patterns.

The clock also comes with a radio. Right on his clock, your 12-year-old may watch his favorite channels, listen to music, or follow the news.

8. SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk

This multipurpose desk will complement the workplace, home, or home office well. Your young man can use it as a laptop workstation or a bedside laptop stand. As a result, it achieves the ideal mix of relaxation and productivity.

This lap desk enables your child to learn on the go, allowing him to set up his laptop writing station anywhere he wants. It can make his learning environment more convenient and healthier.

9. GoodsFederation Piggy Bank

It’s time to start teaching your child about saving, banking, and budgeting. With this new enhanced life ATM, he will be able to handle his money.

Your 12-year-old kid may even establish financial goals and monitor the screen to see how many days or dollars are left to achieve his objectives.

The piggy bank also features an in-built alarm that sounds every time he tries to steal the savings.

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10. MPK Keyboard

Instead of listening to music, your 12-year-old son can create his own one. The keyboard is one of the most straightforward musical instruments to play. It must be an excellent place to start.

MPK Mini does not require any driver software or an external power supply to function.

Plug-and-play functionality, a smooth USB-MIDI connection, and power through a single USB device to the PC are all included in this package.

11. Squier Dreadnought Guitar

The guitar is another excellent option for your kids to enjoy their own music. This guitar gives a big sound along with maximum affordability.

Beginners will throw their way due to sturdy construction and Lindenwood top. The mahogany sides and back are also a big plus for choosing this instrument as a perfect gift for your little guys.

12. GoSports Splash Hoop

Don’t let your 12-year-old stay all day looking at the screen. Some sports can help him strengthen his muscles and build up his confidence.

Splash Hoop PRO is a poolside hoop with a simple installation and a water-filled foundation for solid stability. This piece of equipment brings the thrilling excitement of basketball, allowing your son to fight the heat! Days at the collection have never been more fun like this!

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13. Iron Man Mouse With LED Lights

Computer time will be more fun with the addition of an Iron Man mouse.

Iron Man is among the most favorite characters in the whole movie history. Iron Man Mouse is a fantastic tool with a beautiful design. Your 12-year-old child can utilize it to give fantastic support and gameplay. Even after long working hours of use, the excellent ergonomic curves design provides all-day comfort.

The iron man form design and the led lights can also go on and off using the button, giving your youngster a cool sensation.

14. LEGO Ship In A Bottle

LEGO must be one of your son’s first toys. The great idea behind LEGO is to build imagination, logical thinking, and deep exploration in kids.

Ship in a bottle can be regular, but these art kits make them worth it. Every detail in the models looks stunning. Once your son has completed this masterpiece, he will proudly display it in the middle of the room for everyone to have fun.

15. Foldology Origami Puzzle

If your son loves the card game, he must enjoy Origami too. This Origami puzzle can aid in the development of visual-spatial abilities, as well as critical and analytical reasoning abilities.

Foldology is both fun and relaxing at the same time. Your child will get into the toy set and become wholly absorbed in the folding process.

It provides a challenging experience. One hundred distinct tasks will keep your child occupied for the entire day without boredom. It can also make a good gathering for your whole family.

16. RC Stunt Car

Cars are a huge passion of every boy and can be their best toys. Remote control features enable them to conquer the speed on every road.

The RC car’s latest full functionality and appealing design make it the ideal choice for your 12-year-olds. Multiple RC toy vehicles may compete at once and location thanks to the intervention control frequency.

One of the best shopping tips for RC cars is to check the material. This toy car comes from high-quality ABS plastic. It also has a complex and robust automobile body that effectively guards against damages from a fall or a powerful impact.

17. Green Science Solar Rover Kit

This kit lets your little boy construct a solar-powered car. It encourages little eco-engineers to use fundamental mechanical principles to discover alternative energy sources.

Your child will get the opportunity to learn about STEM topics. He’ll also learn to turn sunlight into electricity, which he can use to drive a car.

18. ATIMO Kids Digital Sport Watch

Watches can be both functional and fashionable gifts. 12-year-old kids love to wear a look to check the time while demonstrating their taste and style.

ATIMO timepieces have a modern appearance and are stylish. They are a comfy sports watch for kids. While using it, kids will be more active.

This digital watch has features like a chronograph, alarm, and LED lights that make it perfect for outdoor and indoor sports.

19. iLearn Kid Golf Set

The fun golf toy promotes fine motor development and hand-eye coordination in children. Playing with this toy can help to boost limb muscles and improve mental abilities such as sight and judgment.

If your kid is starting to play golf, this gift appears to be the best option. It’s easy to play and set up. You kid don’t have trouble with club adjustment yet still have fun during the game set.

20. PRO SPIN Ping Pong Set

Let your kid play sports as much as possible since it builds up multiple skills for him.

The set comes with a table tennis net and high-quality paddles with balls. You only need to spend a few seconds to set up this ping pong set. Just choose the table that is just the right size for the set and there you go.

This durable pack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities since it’s portable. Your son will find no difficulties in bringing the set to his friend’s house and enjoy the fun time.

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21. Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers

Vans will add a more remarkable look to your 12-year-old son. These trainers are available in black color. Your son may feel free to wear them with any outfit since the color can match all.

High-quality trainers also allow him to walk and run all day. They will protect his feet from any damages yet bring him a sense of comfort.

22. Apple AirPods

Airpods appear to be the most modern and convenient audio device ever. If the brand matters to you, Apple will never let you down.

This gadget can not only help your child enjoy music at any time but also provide excellent sound quality.

It’s worth mentioning the design, which is compact and stylish. Your kid needs to bring this device along, and it will turn out to be fashionable.

23. ELEGOO Robot Car Kit

Let’s enrich your son’s car collection with this car kit.

The ELEGOO Robot Car Kit includes beginner-friendly STEM tools. Your son will gain hands-on experience with electronics assembly and robotics understanding with the set. As a result, he can improve his problem solving and engineering skills.

It’s an education-focused integration tool for robotics training. The HD modeling instructions show him how to build the robot vehicle from the ground up, including the essential programs and procedures.

24. Homall Chair For Playing Video Games

If your child enjoys video games, get him an actual racer gaming chair for a more enjoyable experience.

You can lift the back of this gaming chair to offer extra support for the neck, head, and shoulders. Your son will discover total comfort with its furniture-grade leather, which aims to perfect and adjust the body’s natural form.

25. 8Bitdo Arcade Stick To Play Games

Another way to enhance the gaming experience is to invest in an 8BitDo stick for Switch and Windows.

This games console comes with the ultimate software to customize the button mapping. Your son will have a chance to interact with the mapping changing with mode visually and functionally. Playing video games, therefore, turns out to be more straightforward and effortless.

26. Gotrax Electric Scooter

Simply walking is boring. If you want to encourage your 12-year-old son to go out more, give him a scooter. It must be one of the coolest gifts he has ever received.

The Gotrax Electric Scooter is a step up from our best-selling electric scooter. It features a better console, folding mechanism, battery life, and has undergone rigorous quality control testing.

The motor produces a lot of torque while using very little electricity for a smooth ride. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a towing capacity of 220 pounds. Commuting is now more enthusiastic.

27. Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses

If you’re planning road trips to the beach, a pair of sunglasses means a lot more to your son than slippers or a Hawaiian t-shirt.

These sunglasses have a rubberized frame texture, new frame hues, and beautiful multicolored lenses. These Justin glasses are timeless classics that are both bold and distinctive.

The frames are lightweight and composed of high-quality material with a rubberized surface that resists wear and tear.

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